On the Passing of Roger Ebert

imagesNews yesterday that movie critic Roger Ebert died struck me because of how much he played a role in my own appreciation of film. Few people, if any, loved watching movies more than Ebert and he shared his passion for them with a huge — and devoted audience of readers and viewers. Ebert was an accessible and excellent analyst, winning a Pulitzer Prize for his written criticism. Although I sometimes disagreed with him on whether something was a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” I always learned something from his reviews and his arguments with the late great Gene Siskel. During his battle with cancer, which took away so much away from him, including his voice, Ebert never lost his sense of personal grace and continued to watch and write about motion pictures. As a dad who takes pride in sharing my love of movies with my children, a high-school film teacher, and lifelong film lover, I have drawn on Ebert’s recommendations so many times that he will forever be a part of my perspective on the art form. Rest in peace, Roger Ebert, and enjoy your seat in heaven’s movie theater.

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