“Dad Jam” Marks Family Man’s Video-Writing Debut

In my ever-evolving partnership LifeOfDad.com, I now present the dad video, “Dad Jam,” a tale of father ego gone wrong on the basketball court. Director/editor David Guest, producer Tom Riles, and photographer Louis De Barraicua worked with my script and a bunch of talented actors to produce this short video diversion for your entertainment. I even convinced my middle son to act the part of an alternatingly embarrassed-supportive son. It’s my video writing debut so please watch, comment, “Like” it, and share it with friends.

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2 Responses to “Dad Jam” Marks Family Man’s Video-Writing Debut

  1. David Guest says:

    How am I supposed to guard that guy? He’s sweating all over me.

  2. tommy riles says:

    Thanks again for writing, and working with us this summer, Gregg. We’re very exiting about the ever-evolving partnership, as you say. Haha.. Cheers!

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