Father and Son Are ‘Dinorific’

In the interest of creating a “time capsule of creativity,” Michael Sgrignoli wrote a series of ten poems about dinosaurs that he then had his son, Ethan (then age 8), illustrate. The result could’ve been a simple keepsake for Mike and his kid, but the poetry is funny, the words cleverly chosen, and the content quite educational. Along with Ethan’s adorable pictures, the book makes for a fun read with your kids. More than that, it’s the kind of thing that might inspire you and your own child to do something similar. My own six year old made me sit down at the computer after we read Dinorific Poetry and we wrote a few verses. While it’s certainly not as polished as Mike (who also sells advertising and plays drums on weekend gigs) and Ethan’s work, I am grateful for the incentive to write something with my son. Check out the efforts of the Sgrignoli team and see what imagination roars for you.

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