Book Preview: ‘Go the F*** to Sleep’

There’s a new picture book that has parents around the world buzzing. It’s so hot that, in advance of it going on the market in October of this year, it has already cracked Amazon’s top 300 list because of presales. No, it’s not a previously undiscovered Dr. Seuss. It’s a story that’s actually meant for grown ups called Go the F*** to Sleep.

My friend Geoff Silverman brought this little tome to my attention and I got a sneak peek into something that should hit the funny bone of many parents because of its crass but true sentiments. Written by acclaimed novelist Adam Mansbach (recently of Angry Black White Boy) with illustrations by Ricardo Cortes, the book imitates Goodnight Moon (the classic bedtime story from Margaret Wise Brown and illustrator Clement Hurd) as it uses calming poetry full of nature-oriented symbolism before it whacks you over the head with what the parent reciting the poetry realizes: his child will not go to sleep! With each page, the narrator tries to regroup to help his child slumber, but the kid won’t go down. As such, the parent curses up a blue streak in ever-deepening frustration. Frankly, it says what many of us feel bubbling beneath the surface when a son or daughter continues to eat away at our precious down time.

This is very obviously not meant to be read to kids, and the back cover has a warning stating this. However, if you can handle a bit of off-color humor, this is a book parents will laugh heartily over. See the Amazon page at

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2 Responses to Book Preview: ‘Go the F*** to Sleep’

  1. This sounds like the perfect baby shower gift–for the right kind of gal. I HAVE to get my hands on a copy.

  2. angela eastwood says:

    This book is awesome ! As a stay at home mother of 4 girls ages 5,3,2 and 5 months I can totally relate ! I do not suggest this as a gift for first time parents as they will not fully appreciate the humor until baby two or three is on it’s way ! I am sooo ordering 3 or 4 for myself and for gifts !!

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